Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Information Communication and Technology is an integral part of our curriculum. Our ICT resources are used to enrich and enhance student learning experiences.


Our classroom’s are well equipped with every student in Grades 2-6 having the use of their own Netbook (for their Primary School life), funded by an ongoing partnership between the Toora Primary School and RATCH Australia.  Each classroom and Project space has a state of the art Interactive Whiteboard.

Students leaving Toora Primary School at the end of Grade 6 are experienced and proficient in the use the Windows platform and Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint. Google Sketch-up is used by students to create and work with 3D objects. Students also use a range of software tools to edit movies and create interactive shows. Students also develop electronic learning portfolios.

 With thanks to RATCH AUSTRALIA the school has received a class set of iPads which will be used primarily by our junior class.

 Toora Primary School very much appreciated to going support of RATCH Australia.

 RATCH Australia


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