Two quarters equals one HALF - Zayne 
A HALF is the same as 2 quarters - Thomas 

Denominator - 'D' is for down (number below the fraction line)
Numerator - 'Nu' never under (Number above the fraction line)

Fractions - They're parts of a whole number. They have a numerator and a denominator. It (the whole number) doesn't matter if it is big or small. If you want one half you would cut it (the whole) into two and then you would have two halves. - Elsie

Fractions isn't scary. If I cut a Pizza in half and I ate 2 bits it equals a WHOLE Pizza - Carli 

All of it is a Whole. - Rose

There is ONE Whole - Jayden

Two bits equal a whole - Liley

All the pieces have to be equal size.  The numerator can't be higher a higher number than the denominator - Sunday

Fractions are parts of a whole - Ella

Doesn't matter what size all pieces make up the whole - Maddison

Numerator - Never under (the Fractions line).  If I cut a half in half I get two quarters -  Tyler U

Numerator is how many pieces I want.  The denominator is how many pieces I cut it (the whole) into.  - Tyler K

If you want two halfs, cut the Whole in the middle - Rose

Fractions in the Prep/Grade 1 classroom      


Toora Primary School