2018 TERM DATES: (Students start Tuesday 30 January)

Term 1                     30 January            to             29 March

Term 2                     16 April                  to             29 June

Term 3                     16 July                   to             21 September

Term 4                     8 October              to             21 December


These are the pupil free days.

Monday 29th January

Friday 8th June

Monday 5th November   

 -  Date to be Confirmed 

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS:                

Term 1                     Labour Day                            Monday 12 March                                 

Term 2                     ANZAC Day                           Wednesday 25 April

                                  Queen’s Birthday                 Monday 11 June                          

Term 4                     Melbourne Cup                    Tuesday 6 November

Term 1 2018 Timetable


Privacy Policy

Toora Primary School respects the right to privacy of our students, staff and our school community. We understand that some members of our school community would prefer that their image not be published or used in school publications, including the school website.

Photographs or videos of our students are only used with the consent of a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians provide their consent to the use of images of their children in school publications via the 2018 Blanket Permission Form, usually completed/updated at the commencement of each School Year. This consent can be revoked at anytime via written letter to the principal.

To revise your consent or have an image removed from this website, please contact the school.

Our commitment to protecting this right and guidelines for the collection and use of personal information is outlined in our Privacy Policy.

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