eSmart is a guiding framework for schools to implement a whole-school culture and behaviour change relevant to the smart, safe and responsible use of digital technologies. eSmart helps teachers, students and the whole school community embrace the benefits of technology and reduce exposure to cyberspace risks such as cyber bullying, identity theft, online predators and inappropriate images and content.

Funded by the Victorian Government, eSmart is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation, a national charity committed to protecting children from violence. Registration as an eSmart School provides us with assurance that we are accessing evidence-informed practice, policies and activities.


Toora Primary School became an official eSmart school in 2012. Since we first registered with the program, we have introduced many new policies and activities to improve the way our school manages cybersafety, bullying and cyberbullying. We feel confident our students, staff and the wider school community are now well supported to be smart, safe and responsible users of digital technology.

We encourage everyone in the school community to continue to uphold and promote eSmart behaviours, at school and at home. If you are aware of any incidents of bullying, cyberbullying or risky online behaviour, please contact the Principal or our eSmart coordinator.

For more information, please visit the eSmart website.

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     How eSmart fits into our Toora Primary School Child Safe Standards   

eSmart Policy and Use of ICT Guidelines

The eSmart policy relates to the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at Toora Primary School. There are an accompanying set of guidelines for the smart, safe and responsible use of ICT at TPS.
These documents outline the school’s policies on such ICT issues as bringing personal electronic devices to school and student and staff obligations when using ICT at school. ALL parents and students should be familiar with these documents.

Toora Primary School Acceptable Use of ICT Policy

Student Cyber Safety Handbook

Staff Cyber Safety Handbook

Digital Literacy - General Skills Survey for Students                  Digital Literacy - General Skills Survey for Adults              Digital Literacy - Specific Skills Survey for Adults


Student eSmart Agreement

The ‘Student eSmart Agreement’ outlines the appropriate and safe use of computers, Internet and portable devices at Toora Primary School. This document reinforces the cybersafety training that occurs throughout the school.

No student at Toora PS is permitted to use any ICT until this document has been signed by a parent and returned to the class teacher. Students in Year 1 and above must also complete the ‘Student Declaration’ section of the agreement.

2016 eSmart Schools Toolkit


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