PFA - Parents & Friends Association          - the next PFA Meeting is scheduled for Friday 7th December 2018

The PFA of Toora Primary School is open to parents/families and friends of all children attending the school. It offers parents/families and friends a wonderful opportunity to participate in school life. One of the biggest advantages of being actively involved in a school PFA is that it gives parents and families a unique insight into their child’s school community, to participate first hand in events and activities and importantly to assist in the development of important relationships with various staff members within the school environment.

All members of the community are invited to be a member of the P.F.A.
The aims and objectives of the PFA are:

New members are very welcome.  Please contact the office for further information..

2018 newly elected PFA committee:
President Alex Berry
Secretary  Emma Hughes
Treasurer Shannon Roelink
Committee members: Michelle Bacon, Jackie De Zylva, Bec Van Egmond, Jen Delaney, MAndy Hamilton, Melissa Webster, Kerry Duroux, Danielle Mellor, Jac Woods

The PFA meets on a regular basis (usually monthly) and welcomes all members of the school community to attend when available. All parents over their time at the school are encouraged to spend time on the PFA either as a committee member or as a representative. Children love to see their parents helping out around the school and research shows strong links between academic and social progress and parent involvement.    Meeting dates & Times are advertised in the school newsletter which comes out fortnightly, on the PFA Noticeboard inside the Admin foyer and on the school Face Book page.      
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