School Council

The School Council meets on the second Thursday of every month (this may alter when the proposed date immediately follows a Public Holiday). It is responsible for establishing and maintaining school policies. If you want to know more about the school, a Council member would be one person who could provide information.  Each March there is a School Council election for half of the positions. A complete list of School Council members is sent out via our Newsletter after 31st March. Being a member of School Council offers an excellent opportunity to become involved in decision-making within the school and you are invited to nominate.  
Finance Committee, Buildings & Grounds Committee and PFA operate as Sub-Committees of the School Council and report to the school council at each meeting.
  Sub Committee meeting dates/times are advertised on the Schools Facebook account along with being included in calendar dates in the fortnightly newsletter.

Present School Councillors


Tara Hollier ~ President
Anna Hopkins
Emma Hughes
Jen Delaney
Nigel Plowright
Michelle Bacon



Brett Whittle

Di Walker

PRINCIPAL:  Acting Prinicpal Jan-July 2017 - Robert Tinker     

Please feel free to approach any of these people if you have something you want clarified  
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December 2016 Financial Committment Statement  



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