“The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Water, the Heart of our Culture’.  Every student at Toora Primary School has been encouraged to design a poster using their knowledge of water related issues that have significance and meaning to them and their local area.
ALISON LESTER -  2017 workshop
On Thursday 27th April all students in Grades 3-6 travelled to Fish Creek to participate in the Prom Coast SeaChange Festival Artist/Authors workshop.
Students were treated to an art session by renowned author/artist Alison Lester
- focussing on her book "Are We There Yet?"

The Exciting Day

On Monday something happened to Grade 3 and up. We went to see Alison Lester at Fish Creek.  Alison Lester was talking about her books and
mainly about the book “Are We There Yet” and her journey from it.

  Second, Alison Lester let us go and have a look at her exhibition and ask questions. Third, we went upstairs to do a painting and a little bit before we painted, Alison Lester did a little example of mixing colours.  We did the paintings for half a hour.  When we were doing the paintings Alison Lester signed my book,  (The Quicksand Pony).
When we first started the painting 
Alison Lester talked and told us what is good to use.

I was so excited about going and loved it too.       

Sea by Lilly Guligo

Dolphin by Danielle Cashin

 Alison Lester Is Here 

We went to Fish Creek on Thursday.  Three to six went and the other grade didn’t come because they couldn’t do water colour painting.

She talked about “Are We There Yet?”  We looked at her exhibition then we asked her some questions.  We did paintings of our favourite places on pictures on water colour paper.  I did the hills with roads, mud in the
paddocks.  The colours on my pictures were brown, black, blue and orange.  I drew hills,  some roads and mud and a sun and the blue sky, the sky was dark blue.

She showed us lots of techniques for our art works and I used some of the techniques she told us.  Some people might not have used the techniques that Alison showed us and people used some of them and some people used all of them. 

Some of the stuff in the book was not real and the other stuff was real.  They really went to some of the places in the book.

It was brilliant because we got to see Alison Lester and we got to do drawing.  

 Pony by Will Cashin

Going To See Alison Lester 

On the 27/04/2017 we were going to see Alison Lester.  She was going to show us an exhibition of “Are We There Yet”.

When we got to the stadium in Fish Creek Alison Lester was still having her breakfast. We walked into the stadium in Fish Creek and we saw
Alison Lester’s sister.  She talked to us about the exhibition and she said nice things about us and she told us that Alison Lester was here.   Then she went to go and tell Alison Lester that we were there and waiting for her.

Then Alison Lester walked in and she let us have a look around for ten minutes. I started at the start and went along the way to the end. While I was going to the end I saw a lot of different things and a lot of odd things and I saw a lot of pictures of the main characters. I saw the people in the pool and I saw a picture of an elephant and a tiger.  Then she talked to us about “Are We There Yet?”.

After she talked to us about “Are We There Yet” we went and watched her do some drawing and the best thing to do is to use crayon and then when we paint it,  it will stand out more.

Then the people in the school had a shot.  I used grey lead I did a picture of a river, hills and a forest.  The hills had trees and pears were on the ground and on the trees. The river had two platypuses, two fish, and a
beaver. I had grass in it and a horse and there were
apples on the trees. There were stars up in the sky and there was a moon.  The horse’s name was Twinkle Star Pipe, the
platypus’s name was Stinky Patches and the fish’s name was Sparkles.  The grass was nice and soft the sky was nice and blue and the stars were nice and sparkly the apples were nice and red the trees were nice and green the river was nice and blue and the dam was nice and brown and the world was nice.
The moon was up in the sky.

Then it was time to go. I had a nice time at the Exhibition.        

 Cartoon by Callum Ross

On Thursday we went to Fish Creek hall to see the
famous book writer Alison Lester!  When we got there we met Alison Lester’s sister Joan. She told us Alison wasn’t
going to be long. About five seconds later Alison Lester came out to say hello and
started to talk about the book “Are We There Yet”. It was sort of the same as Alison Lester had done in real life.  It was amazing and it also
sounded fun.

Then she let us go around and look at the art exhibition, there were heaps of different pictures. They were all about her family holiday all around Australia and from the holiday in the book.

Then we got to go upstairs and started painting but first Alison Lester showed us lots of
different techniques like using crayons, pencils and water
colours then we started by sketching our drawing about a fun holiday that we have had. I drew a picture of a sheep from a holiday to my Nana’s and poppy’s for Easter. I went there with my little sister Cheyenne.

My favourite part was having the honour to have the chance to meet her.  It was a great day and one of the best experiences of my life! 


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