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Toora Primary School operates an extensive sports program, with students representing the school in Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Football, Netball, Newcomb, Soccer, Equestrian team.   
Students are also involved with Welshpool & District Primary School and Foster Primary School in a combined capacity as the "Prom Coast" team for some district and regional sports events, and with  the South Gippsland Secondary College "You Be The Coach" program.
Swimming Program

At Toora Primary School we run an intensive Aquatic Education program utilising the nearby Toora Heated Pool. Our intensive program runs for 2 weeks in November of each year.


Congratulations to all our students who participated in the cross country run at Sagasser Park on Monday afternoon. It was lovely to share the afternoon with the many parents and friends who were able to join us for this annual event. Students were very pleased to have so many spectators to cheer them on and were proud of their achievements; all did a fantastic job!

Cross country is an element of our Physical Education Program and aids student health and fitness.
Ribbons were awarded to the first four place getters in the following divisions:

Junior School girls - Lexi, Nikki, Sophie and Lana;
Junior School boys - Aron, Tyler, Lachlan, Jaxon (with Riley coming a close 5th).

Middle School girls - Elli Clavarino, Rochelle Storr, Stephanie Storr, Mikayla Lewis and Ebony Jones.
Middle School boys - Kelsey Pavlou, Ashley Hewson, Morgan Cook, Cody Migliorisi

Senior School girls - Bailee Pavlou, Shelbie Sunderland, Ebony Nicholls, Bonnie Orgill
Senior School boys - Tim Kennedy, Caleb Jenkin-Brown, Kyden Swart, Khyell Morgan, Will Kennedy
School Cross Country Champions: Bailee Pavlou and Kelsey Pavlou

Our cross country team competing in Leongatha: Elli Clavarino, Rochelle Storr, Stephanie Storr, Mikayla Lewis, Ebony Jones, Kelsey Pavlou, Ashley Hewson, Morgan Cook, Cody Migliorisi, Bailee Pavlou, Shelbie Sunderland, Ebony Nicholls, Tim Kennedy, Caleb Jenkin-Brown, Kyden Swart, Khyell Morgan, Will Kennedy.

Thank you to Ashton Webster for coordinating both the school cross country and the team for the inter-school cross country. Thank you also to all staff who worked together to make our cross country program so successful. 


2010 Athletics Sports

Amazing Athletics
On Tuesday the day before our sports we made some pompoms with blue and white streamers.
  Bailee and I made one together.
   On Wednesday morning we were driving to the high school and Bailee was in front of us and Elli was behind. When I arrived there I was really excited and couldn’t wait to get started.    
The teams were Darby, Oberon, Waratah, Welshpool and Toora.
The first event for our group (U11G) was Distance. It was 400m and tiring. Next was High Jump, I really enjoyed that. But I didn’t get a ribbon.
  After that we did Hurdles. I knocked 2 down but I tried my best. Then we did discus, followed by Long Jump.  In the Sprints I came 2
nd in my heat.  Second last was Shot Put. I was really close to a ribbon.  Before lunch was Triple Jump.
After lunch were the Hurdles finals, Sprint finals, Relay and 800m.
  I was in the relay, which was cool.  I did the 800m too. Elli won a medal for her age group.  The Oberon tent fell over!  That made a bit of a commotion.  Darby won. We came 4
th. Overall it was a great day.   By Kate Jenkins

The Fantastic Sports Day
Yesterday the 13
th of April most of Toora Primary School went to the Prom Coast Sports.  I was under 11’s.  The first thing we did was long distance running, that was hard.  Then we did high jump I was out at the beginning because I knocked over the bar, but I cheered the rest of Toora.  The next event was hurdles.  In my heat I came 3
rd.  Discus was fun but I
didn’t get a place.
  I enjoyed long jump.  In my heat in the sprints I came 2nd.  I was proud of myself.  Then we did
  I got a score of 2 for the first time.  Our next event was triple jump.  I had a little laugh because I did hop step and jump and then landed on the concrete!  I got to do 2 relays one for 11g and one for 12g we came 4th in the 12g.  There was an event open from 9 to 12+ years.  It was an 800m run.  I did it but I was tired and had a stitch but I was very proud. 
By Abbie Cook

2010 Cross Country winners







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