•  Polo shirts of dark blue, light blue or white.
  •  Shorts/pants or skorts in Navy Blue
  • Blue and white check dresses permitted. Block colours for shirts, shorts and pants.
  • Since 2009 we have had the addition of Navy & White Polo tops with the student name printed on the back. 
  • There is an expectation that all students wear their polo/sport top with their name  printed on the back to all excursions/activities that involve leaving the school grounds.
  • Navy Sport Singlets as well as Navy showerproof vests are available to purchase on request.
  • For safety reasons thongs, open toe sandals, Crocs and backless shoes are not permitted.
  • Toora Primary School logo permitted. No offensive logos or larger than 5 sq cms.
  • During Terms 1 and 4 students must wear either broad brimmed or legionnaires hat.
  • During the winter months students must wear long sleeves when the temperature is below 16 degrees.
  • Our Sun Safe policy does not allow the wearing of singlet tops (except during running of Cross Country) or similar dress tops.
  • Students not complying with the uniform code will be directed to change into a stock of uniforms held at school.
  • School uniform is required for ALL STUDENTS.
 Items of School Uniform are available to purchase from the school, please ask at the Administration Office for further assistance

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